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Hand Me Another Brick

Principles of Leadership from the life of Nehemiah
 By: Chuck Swindoll

Chuck Swindoll is a very gifted Bible teacher and writer, and this his latest book. I read it in Taiwan this summer, and it gave me lots of inspiration and ideas.

Swindoll, in his usual readable style, makes clear the need for prayer, planning, holiness, faith, and a willingness to "take problems by the throat."

The book is clear and helpful. It is so good, I left it in Taiwan with a friend in ministry.

Give it a try! Ask the library or you can buy a copy from www.insight.org

Review by Scott Dreyer, Sept. 2007



Reap What You Sow
Galatians 6:1-10
 By: Brother Michael

The Purpose-Driven Church
 By: Dr. Rick Warren

This book, by the same author who wrote the best-seller, The Purpose-Driven Life, shares his experience as founding pastor of Saddleback (CA) Community Church. It is encouraging! He begins his book by making an analogy to surfing (typical CA sport). He wrote that a surfer must get the training, the right equipment, know how to identify and ride waves, etc. But a surfer need not EVER know how to MAKE a wave...because only GOD can make a wave. He compares this to Christian ministry. We do not serve God by going out trying to create ministries or movements from scratch. Rather, we should be spiritually sensitive and see what "waves" God is making. In other words, do not pray "Lord, please bless what I am doing." Instead, pray "Lord, I know you are moving all around the world today. Please let me see where you are moving, and be a part of it."

It is a powerful book and I recommend it highly.

Review by Scott Dreyer, Sept. 22, 2007

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