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Helpful Links
Dear friends

The Internet, for all its flaws, is also a wonderful source for Christian teaching and materials and inspiration. Below are some of these wonderful resources, both in Chinese and English. I invite you to take a few moments, browse, and learn. Mark some under your "Favorites" and visit back often. 

God bless you!

Pastor Scott

Below is the Chinese-language ministry of Pastor Chuck Swindoll, a highly-respected Bible teacher and author who has a special gift for making the Word of God understandable and applicable to our daily lives. This is a wonderful Chinese resource to help you grow your Christian life!

To find these practical sermons, just click on the link on the bottom right, "Listen to Insight in Mandarin."

Insight for Living: Mandarin Broadcast

Following is the helpful webpage for Focus on the Family, an international Christian organization dedicated to preserving and strengthening families worldwide. It is a wealth of information.  You will  find practical tips to strengthen your marriage and family. Simply click on Mandarin or English!

Focus on the Family:
Mandarin - English 

Ambassadors for Christ   This ministry provides high-quality materials to help you grow in your walk with Christ.

This link, China Soul, has helpful video clips, all in Chinese, on various topics that can help you live the fruitful Christian life. Have a look!

China Soul 

Good TV   (Chinese) This Christian TV network and website has many videos and other resources to help you grow.

Chinese Christian Life Web (Mandarin)  The name says it all!

Here is the link to BBN, the Bible Broadcasting Newwork, and their Mandarin music and teaching ministries. Have a listen!

BBN in Chinese 


These resources have many items also; some are free, some are for sale. Several offer Christian music and books for children.  You may find them helpful.

The one and only, the Steams of Praise site (Mandarin) is the link to premier Chinese praise songs, some of which we sing at RCC!

Chinese Children Christian songs: the name says it all!

This outstanding ministry, InterVarsity (IV), has excellent campus work in the U.S. and around the world. It had an enormous impact in Scott's life and he recommends it highly.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship This ministry had a huge impact on the spiritual development of Pastor Scott when he was in college.

The Digital Bible Society offers FREE Bibles and other materials on CD.

Mandarin  English 


China Soul for Christ offers video and print materials. 


Ambassadors for Christ has one of the largest Chinese Christian bookstores in North America.

Liberty House Christian bookstore offers many Bibles and materials for children and adults. 

China Institute is an organization in Charlottesville, Virginia that aids the expansion of faith in Christ in China. http://www.chinainst.org/en/

Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity. Tells about famous Chinese Christians from yesterday and today. http://www.bdcconline.net/en/ 

National Organization for Marriage (English). This organization is dedicated to preserving marriage and the faith communities that sustain it. 

 Daily Devotional by Brother Paul Joseph. This English-language devotional willl give you something to think about from God's Word, with PRACTICAL application to your daily circumstances.   www.aicfellowship.org/DailyGraceFullYear.htmlto

Chick Tracts. These small pamphlets let you tell others about the LORD and how to know Him.
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